Matt Mcdavid, Music Producer/Recording Engineer

I am here to facilitate the recording of your music. All genres and styles are treated with care and integrity. Whether you are a band and want to record live, or a singer-songwriter who is in need of studio musicians, I can help you create your magic in a peaceful, creative environment.  I work with session musicians remotely around the world as well as hire local players to give options for any budget.


Sanctuary sound is truly a sanctuary and I invite you to come hang and get to know me before we dive into your creative depths. If you are new to recording I will guide you through the process with compassion and understanding. Being a musician myself, I understand the sensitive needs of creatives and always create an ego-free environment where you can feel safe to be vulnerable and express yourself. I invite you to be 1000% yourself and hopefully discover a part of yourself you never knew was there in the process. I look forward to creating magic with you!  

Hailing from California with roots in both L.A. and San Francisco, Matthew established himself as touring musician in for the last 20 years. After moving to Nashville in 2015 he attended S.A.E. Institute of Technology Nashville and graduated Valedictorian of his class with a degree in Music Production and Engineering.  Soon after he met President of H.O.M.E. Logan Crowell, and partnered up with him to form Record Realization a multi-faceted music production company. Through this venture, he has since built a recording studio from the ground up where Record Realization artists record with Matthew as their Producer. Matthew also creates loop libraries for companies like, Presonus, Native Instruments, and Steinberg as well as freelance editing, Producing, and engineering.  Now Back in the Bay Area, Matt is focused on creating music for TV and film as well as producing a wide variety of incredible artists in all genres. With a passion for teaching and learning, Matt has also created a recording and production school at his studio Sanctuary Sound.