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Matt Mcdavid- Music Producer/Recording Engineer

I am here to facilitate the recording of your music. All genres and styles are treated with care and integrity. Whether you are a band and want to record live, or a singer-songwriter who is in need of studio musicians, I can help you create your magic in a peaceful, creative environment.  I work with session musicians remotely around the world as well as hire local players to give options for any budget.
Sanctuary sound is truly a sanctuary and I invite you to come hang and get to know me before we dive into your creative depths. If you are new to recording I will guide you through the process with compassion and understanding. Being a musician myself, I understand the sensitive needs of creatives and always create an ego-free environment where you can feel safe to be vulnerable and express yourself. I invite you to be 1000% yourself and hopefully discover a part of yourself you never knew was there in the process. I look forward to creating magic with you!  

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