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Sanctuary Sound Finds a new Home

After a long battle with the owners of my last location, I lost. Actually, I won! Nestled in the redwoods on the edge of Sebastopol and Occidental, my new Sanctuary recording studio is open and rockin! Sporting a vintage Neotek Series 2 console and 3 tape machines, I am blasting off into the realms of music creation bigger and better than ever. Recording here is a dream come true. The studio was built in 80's by the late Joe Hoffman. He masterfully crafted this incredible studio, full of natural light. In fact i had helicopters flying over and I didn't pick it up in the mic, thats how well this building was constructed. I believe I was meant to be here all along, recording artists and producing music. I invite you to come out and enjoy recording in a true Sanctuary, surrounded by wilderness and creative solitude. So happy to make records in such a peaceful place!


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