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Julian Bass, Recording Decades

I had the pleasure of working with Julian Bass this year to create a truly inspiring record. Julian wrote these songs more than two decades ago, hence the name. Every artist knows how hard it can be to finish music,let alone get in the studio and record an album. After years of woodshedding Julian came into Sanctuary Sound in January determined to make this record and I was honored to produce it for him.

Right away I was blown away by his unique vocal styling and timeless songwriting. Recording with Julian was always a great vibe, I could tell right away that we would have a lot of fun making this record together. We settled on a layered harmony vocal sound throughout the record to really bring out the richness in his voice. I played bass and guitar and we had Resse Bullen (our house drummer) and Pablo Quintero on some leads. Cliff Zyzkowski rounded the record out with his beautiful keys and truly brought the finishing touch the record needed. I Produced, engineered, and mixed the record and Mark Fuller was the mastering engineer

This record is both catchy and infectious, and I am proud of the sound we achieved. As a producer I always feel lucky when a unique artist walks in the door. Great songs mix themselves so it was easy and flowed naturally to the finish line. Decades is available on all major platforms, have a listen and if feel inspired send me a message and let me know what you think. I have so much gratitude for the relationships that form with an artist and a producer, and I look forward to Julians return to the studio to make his next record. Click in pic to listen.


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