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Pro Audio Coach

If you are struggling to get your mixes to a pro-level, or need help in any area of the pro audio world I can help. I have helped hundreds of aspiring engineers gain the tools and knowledge to get their mixes to the next level. 

Using Zoom and the Audiomovers plugin, we can work together remotely to work out any issues you are dealing with in this very technical field. 

How this works

-Export the stems of your current track you are needing help with. (Be sure the stems have no plugins or processing, so raw audio only.) Reach out if you need help with this step.

-Place them in a folder, zip it, and send it to

-I will upload your song to Pro Tools and show you my method of mixing using your song. Even if you are not a Pro Tools user, these concepts are universal and will work in any DAW and any questions you have along the way will be answered. I will not be completing a mix on your song, rather I will be giving you the tools to complete your mix on your own. 

-Using the Audiomovers plugin you will be able to hear every move I make crystal clear and be sure to wear headphones to minimize background noise. 

A session is 2 hours in length and the cost is $350

This includes a mix review over the phone once the mix is complete on your end.

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