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"Working with Matt McDavid is a great experience, he brings his can do professionalism to every song he works on. He knows the programs like the back of his hand, he's an amazing guitarist and he creates a great environment for artist to explore and find their authentic sound. "



"Goodness, where to start. Working with Matt McDavid has been one of the greatest creative experiences of my life. It’s been a healing one too. His level of care, patience, supportive guidance and constructive feedback is delivered with great communication skills and a compassionate approach, which has helped me immensely as an expressive artist, vocalist, visionary, and lyricist. Most of us artists thrive in trustworthy spaces, room to stretch out and dive in with our muses and work, and Matt is very aware of that and fosters that with great skill and ease. I’m also impressed by the range of music he can work with and produce, and his trouble shooting in a pinch or in the tired umpteenth hour in the studio. With that said, I also appreciate his solid boundaries around time and windows of quality production, especially when I as the artist may burn the candle at both ends, or try and give up prematurely. Multi fold, McDavid is a producer that has got your back. (So please take good care of him too! ;)

-Maya McNeil

“It was a pleasure working with Matt on my band's project. Matt is incredibly talented, creative, and versatile when it comes to producing and recording music. He had tons of great ideas to give our music an extra edge."

Katie Johnson - Eversol

“One of the best experience’s I’ve had recording. Matt McDavid has a fantastic ear and is meticulous in getting a great sound.”

- Sherrlia - The Halfhearted Misanthropes

Matthew is more than a great mastering engineer. He's an accomplished composer, sample library creator has a great set of ears and is master of so many of the things which beyond my own technical acumen. I take my mixes as far as I can and then entrust them to him to take them to the next level. This lets me focus more on the few things that I, myself can do well and takes away the stress of bringing albums to completion.
I have been consistently impressed with his work on the 3 records he's mixed and mastered for me so far. He's prompt, professional, easy-going, reliable and a great communicator. 
-Don Gato IX

"Matt did an incredible job mixing and mastering our record. Our band had put a ton of time into production, and we wanted to be sure that we ended up with a top-notch final product. Matt was the perfect fit. Not only was he capable in terms of his skills and technical prowess, but his responsiveness was off the charts. On a couple of occasions, I sent him comments on mixes by email, then got a new mix back the same day. His attentiveness and overall service-oriented approach made our experience with mixing so smooth and enjoyable. He was very patient with us as we nit-picked through tiny details to get it just how we wanted. His work is a dynamic, fluid combination of professionalism and friendship. I'd use Matt again in a heartbeat and would recommend him highly to anyone."
- Zann Moore- RAGANOVA

As a singer-songwriter new to the recording process, I feel beyond lucky to have found Matt. I had never worked with a music producer before, so I was a little nervous to bare my music -and soul -in such an intimate way. But from our first email exchange, Matt put me at ease. He’s relaxed yet professional, and works really hard to get things “right”. 
Creatively speaking, Matt is pretty amazing. He has a way of interpreting notes and sounds in a totally unique way, and has blown me away with his gorgeous guitar playing. The process of making music can get tedious at times, but Matt always remains calm, kind and patient. 
After wrapping up my first recording with Matt, I quickly locked him into a few more songs. We’re currently working in his new studio residence, Sanctuary Sound, and it’s super cool. Again, I’m so lucky to have found Matt and look forward to making more music with him. 
-Kelly Berg

The whole process of recording my songs with Matt as a producer was awesome. He made my songs shine with his skills and musicianship and guidance, which I wisely followed, and now I love my album Decades.

-Julian Bass

We had a mixing session with Matt. He showed some nice tricks on how to enhance recording quality using auxiliary busses in Pro Tools. Very good understanding of the overall mixing architecture and how to make sounds Warm and ear friendly.​

-Tommy Houliaras

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